Welcome to the BULLS Softball Club !

Our aim is to enjoy softball and have fun ! We currently have two ladies and two mens teams playing in the Tshwane Softball League. Our teams are a mix of experience (read “old” ;-)) and younger players to ensure we prepare younger players for the Club environment.

… Information

We practice on Tuesdays from 14:30 -18:30 at Crafford stadium, players slot in as they can.

Games are played on Saturdays between 13:30 – 18:00 at Crafford stadium.

Chairman – Riaan Versfeld  & Secretary – Loftus Versfeld

Interested in joining?

… send email to riaan@gobulls.co.za / loftus@gobulls.co.za

Because there is no school softball due to Covid19, the planning is to investigate the possibility of creating a junior league under the Club structure, we don’t have fixed costs at this point but estimate it to be between R550 – R750, if you’re interested in joing, please send email to info@usasports.co.za / riaan@gobulls.co.za / loftus@gobulls.co.za